Our Strategic Priorities


Our Structures, roles and responsibilities as a group.


Our goals, priorities and routines.


Identify our success criteria.


A high quality team of staff at all levels.


Through experience of each others' school, sharing best practice and working together.

Our Purpose

We exist to make a positive difference to the lives of children in all our schools, through high quality Catholic education for every child.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an effective partnership leading to our schools becoming amongst the best performing schools nationally by 2020.

Our Promise

Our promise is to celebrate the uniqueness of every child; recruit and develop high quality staff at all levels; grow with confidence and serve others.


1 The name of the collaboration shall be The Sheffield Family of Catholic Schools (SFOCS) - renamed the Sheffield Catholic Schools' Partnership in 2017.  

2 The core purpose of the group shall be to promote curriculum and professional development, thereby enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in all Catholic Primary schools in Sheffield. To work together in true collaboration, thereby sharing expertise, so as to enrich the education of all children in the partnership of schools, in an atmosphere of Christian love, which will benefit Catholic Education in the City. 

3 The group will offer services to other bodies as appropriate.  

4 The group will be non-party political.  

5 The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep an account of all income expenditure and shall present regular financial reports to the group. In addition, the Secretary shall submit audited accounts to the Annual General meeting of the group. Two auditors shall be elected at the Annual General meeting of the group.  

6 The Annual General Meeting will be the first meeting of each academic year. Annual subscriptions to the group will be set at the spring meeting. Any bank accounts shall be in the name of the group on the signature of the following officers: 

     a The Chairperson 

     b The Vice chairperson 

     c The Secretary/Treasurer 

7 The financial year of the group shall run from 1st September to 31st August.  

8 Monies raised by the group shall be used to foster the objectives stated in the core purpose.  

9 A quorum at an Annual General meeting of the group shall consist of representatives from 8 schools.  

10 No alteration of these rules can be made except at an Annual General meeting or at an Extraordinary General meeting called for this purpose. An Extraordinary General meeting may only be convened by not less than 8 member schools, giving 28 days notice, in writing to the Secretary.  

11 Notices of motion for the Annual General Meeting will be given, in writing, to all member schools by the Secretary, at least 7 days prior to the Annual General meeting.  

12 At Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings of the group, one person from each member school will be entitled to vote.  

13 Any assets remaining on the dissolution of the group, after satisfying outstanding debts and liabilities, shall be distributed amongst the member schools of the Family, based on CENSUS numbers.   

     September 2010  

LEAD with courage and integrity

COMMUNICATE with honesty and transparency

SERVE with tolerance and generosity

ACT with love and forgiveness